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e-Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 56
Please Ask Your Friends to Join Us In "Cultivating Perennial Churches: Your Guide to Long-Term Growth" with Bob Dale
by Bill Anderton

Thank-you for registering in our next online distance-learning course "Cultivating Perennial Churches: Your Guide to Long-Term Growth" with Bob Dale. The Virtual Classroom is now open and the first video is ready for viewing.

Also, please help us get the word out about the last days of our FREE early-bird scholarship. We are currently offering this FREE scholarship offer BUT it will expire on Thursday, April 10th.

Please help us by inviting your friends or other members of your congregation to join us. All are welcome so invite as many as you wish.

But please hurry so your friends get a chance to participate in this six-week online course for FREE.

After Thursday, the course fee will revert to a modest fee of $29.99 per participant (discounted from our standard $99.00 course fee) for the remainder of our registration period. Get your friend to register today or tomorrow to still get the course for FREE!

Click here to sign up for the FREE scholarship or for more information.

Just a Reminder: Please Purchase Your Textbook and Begin Your Reading In Advance!

This course is based on Bob's book of the same name from Chalice Press which will be used as the course textbook. If you have not yet purchased the book, you can order it from the Class Bookstore in the Virtual Classroom for delivery directly from Chalice Press.

Click here to go to the online class bookstore. (login required)


Cultivating Perennial Churches: Your Guide to Long-Term Growth

This course explores the reasons some churches grow perennially—season after season—while most churches don't. It will identify seven principles for perennial strength. Follow the exciting and informative histories of seven perennial congregations. Learn the theology and practices that undergird perennial health and growth. Understand how perennial leaders create root systems to sustain long-term vitality in congregations..

This course is based on Bob's book of the same name from Chalice Press which will be used as the course textbook.

Click here for the course flyer.

About This Course

This course is entirely online; no travel is required and all you need to participate is an web browser and a suitable broadband Internet connection.

The course will run from
April 24 to May 29, 2014. Late registration for BD-01 will close on May 1.

The course consists of six 30-minute video-on-demand lectures PLUS six 60-minute live conference calls with Bob Dale for discussion and Q&A.

The course is conducted over a period of six weeks. In this period, each student will watch the week's video-on-demand lecture and then meet together via a live interactive conference call to discuss the week's assignment with Bob and other members of the class as well as ask any questions you might have.

TransformingTheChurch.org and Christian College are collaborating with The Columbia Partnership to bring leaders and champions a series of online courses to prepare congregations to engage in transitions and changes that may lead to their transformation.

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