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e-Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 52
New Tutorials Added To the "Building Effective Online Ministries" Community
by Bill Anderton

This week new tutorials were added the the "Building Effective Online Ministries" Community:

  • Were You Shanghaied Into Working On Your Church's Website?
  • Operational Realities of Online Projects: The Anderton Axiom
  • Four Corollaries for the Anderton Axiom
  • How Can Mobile SEO Help my Non-Mobile or Local Business?

In addition, daily news updates have been added continuously.

Drop into the community and have a look! You are already a member-in-good-standing in this community so all you have to do is click and login.

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Now Featuring a New "Web Rookies" Section

This special-interest community is currently adding both a lot of new content.

The newest block of content being added is a "Web Rookies" section devoted to people just beginning to work with websites and social media. We are going to support this under-served cohort by extending our editorial coverage to material targeted to rookie webmasters; people who have little, if any, prior experience.

I talk with a lot of pastors of small churches who have no experience, no knowledgeable volunteers to help them and very little budget. I know this is a sizable audience with unique needs. Often, this work falls to the pastor and/or the church secretary to do. Without any experience, all of the work must seem daunting indeed.

Everybody has to begin somewhere and our "Web Rookies" section will cater to this group!

This new "Web Rookie" section will provide an easy "getting-started" information for rookies and complement our more advance content already in the community for experienced webmasters. Rookies can start in the new section and then "graduate" to the more advanced material when ready and as they gain experience.

The shell of the Rookie section is online now and will be expanded further in the coming weeks!



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"Building Effective Online Ministries"

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Also, since access is FREE, any and all interested volunteers from churches are welcome to join. This is not only fresh, new content on an important subject, but the community affords direct interaction with subject-matter experts and mentors. We believe that the VALUE is unsurpassed, and we offer this community to the Church and Her Servants with hopes that you can participate.
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