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e-Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 46
We're Giving Up Tuition for Lent! Get Free Access To Rick Lowery's Audio Lecture Series for the Coming Year 
by Bill Anderton

For a limited time, you can get one year of FREE access to Rick Lowery's Audio Lecture Series on Year A of the Lectionary.

The series has started its coverage of the Lenten season and is a great resource for sermon preparation and Bible studies. See additional information below or online.

To get free access, click here to register for the course. 

No strings attached! Come and go in the classroom as often as you wish during the free period; hear all of the past lectures PLUS any new lectures posted in your free-access period. Post in the Class Forum or comment on threads posted by others.

The whole process only takes a minute and no credit card will be required to register; the cost of this free offer is truly $0.00.

About the Audio Lecture Series 

Dr. Rick Lowery, renowned Bible scholar and popular Bible teacher -- especially in the disciplines of First Testament Studies -- delivers regular lectures in his role as a Christian College of Georgia Faculty, starting with Lectionary "Year A".


Rick's teaching began just before Advent, 2013. Through a series of Audio Lectures, Rick will guide listeners through examination of the First Testament lections and will not only help us to understand the context and nuances of centuries-old history, prophecy, wisdom, and literature, but will also bring to life -- in his own inimitable way -- the meanings of the Scriptures for living, learning and loving as Christians and as Proclaimers of the Gospel in the twenty-first century.

Students will want to pay special attention to the texts, which are noted in all popular Lectionary guides, and to the contemporary events in our world today as they listen to and learn with Rick. As we move through the liturgical year the lectures will become periodic -- announced to those who have enrolled and on the public pages of the Online Learning Platform -- and will address several lections at one time. This teaching method will afford the students an overview, a kind of broad-brush sweep of the context and content of a "season" of Scripture.

In online forums, participants will then share their observations of the texts and the teaching with each other -- even uploading their own exegesis, reflections and homiletic material. With this format, we will surely experience a community of continuing education about the Lectionary, the First Testament, and the various tasks and creative encounters with the text which contribute to meaningful preaching.

For those who desire to attribute this learning experience to their portfolios for ministerial competency, you may surely draw attention to the two competency areas of Biblical Knowledge and Proclamation of the Word. If you seek specific guidance in this task, contact your Commission on Ministry or Dr. Bob Harris, President of Christian College of Georgia (770-815-9078).

Students will be engaged in new ways with new insights as they come around the "radio-styled" lectures with Rick and hear his depth of understanding and explanation of the texts.

Preachers will find stimulation for study, hearing a living commentary on the First Testament while reflecting on their own familiarity with the Gospel lections from Matthew (and John as we move into Easter).

Adult learners will find that Rick's teaching reinforces their own commitment to life-long learning and encourages them to draw closer to the written Word of God.

And the Church, particularly when study groups join together to listen to Rick and share with one another their own understandings and questions, will find new places of renewed vision and vitality.

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