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e-Newsletter - Volume 3, Number 43
Replays of the July 24th Live Event Posted In Our Connected Community
by Bill Anderton

All those who registered for this event AND all other members of the Connected Community can now see the video-on-demand replays of the video webcast with George Bullard, President of The Columbia Partnersip. The entire broadcast of "George Bullard Talks Transforming Congregations" has been posted in a FREE Virtual Classroom where you can not only watch and re-watch the videos on your own schedule, you can also use the Event Forum to ask questions and hold discussions. 

This over an hour of high-quality FREE video content!

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If you have friends and colleagues who would benefit from seeing the video replay of this event, they are welcome to connect with our Connected Community for access not only to these replays but all of the other FREE Connected Community content as well. Please invite as many as you wish!

About the Courses

TransformingTheChurch.org and Christian College are collaborating with The Columbia Partnership to bring leaders and champions a series of online courses to prepare congregations to engage in transitions and changes that may lead to their transformation.

Beginning in September 2013 the first three courses will be offered and led by George Bullard of The Columbia Partnership. They will be seven week courses and will involve on-demand videos, live interaction with George, and opportunities to dialogue online on the TransfomingThechurch.org website.

The three courses will be $99.00 each. Each couse will be seven weeks and contain a total of approximately five to six hours of recorded lectures PLUS seven 60-minute live interactive sessions with George Bullard.

Transforming Congregations with a Spiritual Strategic Journey

This course covers elements of an assessment and learning pre-season to prepare congregational leaders for a Spiritual Strategic Journey. This Journey is a process for empowering congregations to reach their full Kingdom potential. The three seasons of the Journey are explained in a way that can—along with the required reading for the course—provide navigation for a congregation to engage in a Spiritual Strategic Journey. The goal is for a congregation to live into their Future Story of ministry as a congregational movement.

Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

This course seeks to help congregational leaders develop the capacity to handle healthy conflict, and to know what to do when the periodic unhealthy conflict occurs. A clear assessment is provided of the seven intensities of conflict, strategies and tactics for engaging these intensities, and when and how to seek outside assistance. Conflict in congregations is often messy and emotionally draining. Congregations who use the little conflicts to develop their conflict ministry capacity often handle conflict in a healthy manner.

Congregational Choices: Transitions and Changes for FaithSoaring

When congregations engage in transitions and changes that may lead to transformation they need to know more about the choices available to them that will empower them to be FaithSoaring in a manner that they may reach their full Kingdom potential. This course examines 16 choices for congregations to consider for their Journey using the categories of Stay the Course, Modify the Course, Change the Course, and Plot a New Course. They can use these choices to develop scenarios and a Future Story for their congregation.

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