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RL-01 Class e-Newsletter - Volume 2, Number 13
Follow-Up From the 11/14/2012 Live Session 
by Bill Anderton

Another good conference call this week!

Call Recording Posted

If you missed Wednesday's conference call or would like to review it, the recording has been posted in the Virtual Classroom on the "Live Audio Conference Calls" page (listed in the sidebar on the right of most pages in the Virtual Classroom.)

Recordings of all calls will be posted each week after we finish each call.

We Getting Great Topics Posted In the Class Forum; Be Sure To Add Your Comments

Some very good discussion postings have been added to the Class Forum. Please start adding your comments to existing postings or start new threads of your own that you wish to discuss. New topics are very welcome.

Wonderful Idea Came Out Of the Forum

In a Class Forum posting after the class on Wednesday, Norm Stolpe posted, "Is there a way we could easily share our Advent sermon scripts with each other? Of course, it would be after the fact, so we would not be using the work of others to write our own sermons, but reading each other's work could be some encouragement and instruction. I know we all work differently, so some might be complete manuscripts and others outlines, but I still think it might be a fun outcome of the course." 

This is a great idea! Thanks, Norm.

To support this idea, I have added an online archive application to make this easy for you to share sermon files. The link to the archive is posted on the Course home page and also added a button under "Class Materials" heading in the sidebar at the right) to access the archive. There is a list of all submitted files/materials along with a short custom form for uploading files. To upload a file, click the green button above the list of previously uploaded files and file out the shirt form.

Be the first to add a file!

I have also included a "comment" area on each detail page of each uploaded file where the members of the class can post comments or ask questions.

We Have Two New Students

We have had two new students join the class since yesterday. The last two conference calls were recorded and posted on the "Live Conference Calls" page (see the sidebar in the Virtual Classroom.) New students can review the recording to get caught up with the rest of the class.

Also, please post any question or discussion points you have into the Class Forum.

Please tell your colleagues about this course! It is not too late for your friends to join the class.

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