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e-Newsletter - Volume 2, Number 2
Please Start Using The Class Forum!
by Bill Anderton

Your Virtual Classroom has a fully-functional Class Forum that is available to provide a class-wide venue for discussion and on-line conversation. You can make a posting and the rest of the class will be able to see your posting and add comments when they come into the classroom.

The Class Forum is our primary tool for class interaction.

The forum is private and only can be accessed by the members of the class.

Any student with access to this class may read and/or post new topics for discussion or comments.  If you have a question about any session or a question on a general topic, you can post it here and we will quickly address it so everyone can have the same information or share in the discussion.

Participation in the Class Forum is important to get the most out of the class!

All subjects for discussion are welcome. Start a new thread on a totally new topic or add a comment to an existing thread.

To get started, please post a new thread to introduce yourself (remember that Dick and I are just meeting you for the first time and would like to get to know you!), discuss your role in the church and your experience or opinions on the subject of Congregational Transformation.

Also, feel free to ask any question you might have as we begin class.

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Aligned With Disciples Transformation Goals!

This project is aligned with the Disciples’ goal of transforming 1,000 congregations by 2020 to realize the 2020 Vision of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Although intended for use by any congregation of any denomination that is in need of systemic transformation and deep change, TransformingTheChurch.org has been founded and led by four members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): Roger A. Sizemore, Ph.D., Richard L. (Dick) Hamm, D.Min., Richard H. (Rick) Lowery, Ph.D. and William H. (Bill) Anderton.